reclaimed wood reception desk in office

The Benefits Of Using Destressed Wood


Distressed wood refers to the process of deliberately distressing lumber planks to achieve an antique look. Our trained artisans "read" each piece of lumber to determine its individual personality, and then choose the right tools and techniques to fully bring out this character in all of our reception counters, reception desks, point of sale counters, and cash wraps. This includes chatter marks, torching, antique wear and tear to the edges and ends and staining to create the prefect antique-look. This artistic approach not only allows us to maintain a high level of originality, but also saves you cost and gives it that "reclaimed wood" look. 

 The combination of distressed would and hot rolled steel office solutions provide an incredibly unique look to your reception counters, reception desks, point of sale counters and cash wraps. Keeping up with modern trends is a great investment to keep current customers and clients coming back, along with encouraging new and potential clients to obtain interest in your business. If you are interested in having an amazing reception counter, reception desk, point of sale counter or cash wrap, Reception Counter Solutions is the way to go!

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a customized unique product based off of modern, industrial, antiqued, architectural, and high end designs. Give us a call today to learn more about our amazing Reception Counter Solutions! 

Here is a link to our most popular Rustic Reclaimed Wood Styled Desks 



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